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I am pleased to be involved in a new documentary with Paradox UK exposing the affects of bullying not only short but long term. I am now a consultant at “PARADOX UK” and it is really very exciting stuff. My new partner Amy was a victim of bullying herself as a youngster and has a blog on here that goes into the whole story in some considerable detail. I see her fears even now and I see her nightmares that she sometimes experiences still attached to those days of being bullied over her weight, looks, etc. For example; when I first met Amy she really had a complex about her looks to the point when I complemented her on her looks or took a picture of her she would say she was ugly, fat, etc and I have worked hard to convince her otherwise.

I have worked with various groups over the years including homeless charity “Oasis”, Shelter and The LGBT organisation, in all of these I have witnessed bullying at varying levels and to be honest I never understood until I met Amy the true long term psychological damage that is left behind.

If you would like to be involved with this rather exciting project; whether you were a victim, family, friend or spouse of a victim or even an ashamed bully please get in touch, we need as much input as we can to really bring this dreadful situation that changes lives forever to the attention of the masses.

I am not just wanting to know about bullying that may have taken place in your school, tell us about any form of bullying that you or your family / friends have suffered. If you are prepared to be interviewed on camera, or just recorded audio, then all the better. We are happy to accept your stories, own videos, etc so please get in touch and let’s really get this out there.

I realise that for some this may have stirred old memories that you may not want to stir up, so I apologise in advance, but if you are a victim now or have been in the past, don’t let this keep happening, come forward and speak out so that you and others to come can feel safe and secure in their lives.

Our contact emails are: paradoxuk14@gmail.com





Hi everyone 

My apologies for it being a while since my last post, but things have been pretty busy and very exciting for me over the last couple of weeks. We have got a whole batch of work that has turned up courtesy of my special friend (Amy Lou), she is also my business partner and has made an amazing difference to things at “PARADOX UK”.

Anyway my head is still in a bit of a spin at the rate things have suddenly taken off and to say that I am excited about the future is an understatement!! I heard from my editor “John Strachan” today and he is working on new software for the upcoming documentaries, that is really cool stuff.

We are in Torquay at the moment as my step dad Ken has been in and out of hospital. looks like he will be in again in a day or two he had a fall tonight, took 3 of us to get him back up with his 4 wheeler walking frame so not looking too clever there. Anyways guys I just wanted to tell you that all is OK with me and I am finally focused on a future again, which I had been struggling with for a while. I have had to do some soul searching as well as  working hard making arrangements with various people to get business sorted with Amy’s help. I’ve had some shocking things said to me but that have pleased me beyond dreams too.

I’ll keep you posted so stay safe until we speak again 

Thank you for reading




Fighting Injustices by Social Services. . .

Hello folks sorry it’s been a few days since my last blog, I’ve been under pressure with lots going on. I have been building the team for the campaign against Social services and working toward the lay out of the documentary that will expose the disgusting injustices that are being inflicted on parents and families all over the place.

The Government say that there are 70,000 children being “protected” by Social services, many listed as “at risk from future harm”, there is no evidence of this just a fabricated allegation to keep children in care and on child protection registers. Question. . .”If there are 70,000 children at risk from future harm, does this mean we have approximately 140,000 potential abusers roaming the streets, all of whom are parents”?? I don’t bloody think so!!  The Social services never tell anyone the truth that they get paid for every child that they steal and push into care!!

How many children in care get abused either sexually or physically?? How many sex offenders are / have been foster carers??I can tell you there are quite a few I can introduce you to a guy that got away with it for years, I can introduce you to the girls he abused!! Anyway I digress  My team is ready to move forward with the plans

We plan to hold a conference which we hope parents and those that have something to say will attend and speak up at. .

We are working towards the documentary and we have our film production team in place (Thanks to Paradox UK) All we need is the documentation and provable evidence in the form of documents, photos, video footage, etc. We cannot legally produce a documentary and send it out on TV without proof, the TV companies will NOT accept hearsay and word of mouth. We also need people to interview on camera (Images and voices can be distorted to protect those with orders to silence them hanging over them)  We can guarantee that ALL names will be changed to protect the innocent and NO documents will ever be released with any names or identifying information showing.

We have a campaign march organised on 17th May 2014 to begin in Trafalgar Square, London, England and we will march to Westminster and make our voices heard. We need people to sign up for it and actually turn up on the day. We also welcome those making flyers and banners for the day, we have artwork provided by Jennifer for them. We are hoping that other groups may hold marches in other countries on the same day for which we can set up a live video link, to show solidarity.

So folks. . . I see your posts on Facebook, I see your video clips on You tube or Tumblr and they break my heart and my team and I want to help you so badly but it’s YOU that has to make the commitment, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!

Ready?? . . . Join us now and lets make The government listen and make the changes to bring the children back to their loving families where they belong

Email us:


Hope to hear from you soonstolen by the state

Princess Diana’s Death 31st August 1997


I know this a bit of an older topic but I have recently been looking at some footage and giving this subject some thought so decided to write a blog about it, just to remind you all that NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN’S MURDER.

Lets just look at a few facts and I’ll leave you to decide. . .

  • The Mercedes S280 was the only vehicle available that night, despite the fact it had recently been stolen and recovered. When the car was returned, the only thing missing from it was a computer chip that controlled navigation, steering, etc. It is thought that the replacement chip was one that allowed remote control of the vehicle, particularly the steering. This would have been an ideal murder weapon
  • Mercedes manufacturers were never allowed to inspect the wreckage. . .why?? Well I would suggest it was because they would have discovered that the vehicle had been tampered with!!
  • The ambulance took 1 hour 40 minutes to get Diana to hospital that night, despite the fact that the average journey time from the crash site to the hospital is just 11 minutes. Bear in mind the tragedy happened in the middle of the night so there would have been no traffic around.
  • The ambulance driver was made to stop outside a museum so that ” Urgent Treatment” could be given to Diana, the hospital entrance can be clearly seen across the road from the museum and was just 30 seconds drive from where the vehicle was halted. . Why?? Well it is suggested that further damage to Diana’s injuries were inflicted there, thus ensuring her death.
  • Media at the time were told “not to suggest that a murder had taken place”
  • In a BBC documentary aired just a few weeks before the accident; Diana predicted her own murder and gave letters to her butler in which she said she knew that her husband was planning an accident in her car in order to get rid of her so that he could marry “Tiggy” Camilla.
  • Against several French laws Diana’s body was embalmed whilst it was still warm thus stopping it being properly examined and and injuries could not be properly investigated.
  • Despite evidence from blood tests it stating that the driver “Henri Paul” was seriously drunk, yet many people interviewed about him said that he did not appear even tipsy, I wonder why!!
  • Blood samples revealed a drug (Abundazole) which Henri Paul had never been prescribed, yet medication that he had been prescribed was not revealed in the samples!! I suggest that the samples were not from Henri Paul in the first place.
  • Finally; The tunnel was cleared, thoroughly cleaned to remove evidence and re-opened within just 2 hours

Enough said. . . What really happened?? Will we ever know?? I doubt it

Thank you for reading 

Stop social services stealing children campaign

I am proud to say that me and my team have now become involved in a campaign to fight injustices inflicted by local authorities and social services. As a result of our involvement with the campaign groups we have now committed to:

  • Organising conferences, one in the southern half of England and one in the north to give everyone’s voice a chance to be heard
  • To undertake research into and gather provable evidence that will expose the way that social services are destroying families unnecessary 
  • Researching and producing a documentary to expose the dreadful injustices being inflicted upon innocent families
  • Staging a campaign march to bring this to the public’s attention. Please note: Protests will ALWAYS be peaceful and law abiding, so trouble makers don’t sign up when it comes to it.

Now a little background:

  • Children are being taken away from parents on unfounded allegations of abuse and then not returned, no matter what the parent does to prove innocence
  • The authorities are ignoring the law in not keeping the families or indeed their legal representatives informed of the position that investigations and procedures have reached, despite them being legally required to do it.
  • Children are being adopted without the proper knowledge of their parents 
  • Applications by grand parents and other family members to home the children are being denied, despite those folk being totally innocent without a single blemish on their characters
  • Social services are making large amounts of money on every child that they remove from their parents 
  • Children are being abused by foster carers and adoptive parents thus the children’s lives are being destroyed and birth parents lives are being harmed psychologically


If you have any factual evidence that we can view, documents that you can copy and send to us, If you wish to become involved at ANY level in the conference, the marches or the documentary. Please don’t hesitate to get n touch.

If you are a victim, a member of a family of a victim, a legal representative, a journalist, a researcher, a student or indeed just someone with a passion to see injustice brought to an end and want to see children where they belong; with their families. . . PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

Our Facebook campaign group address is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/fightinginjusticesbythess/

                                                                  : fightinginjusticesbythess@groups.facebook.com

Feel free to come along and visit, join and post

Email me at: drewashman67@hushmail.me




Well Today we watched a case in The Crown Court at Preston, Lancs which involved two applications for parts of a trial to be held “In camera”, whereby members of the public and media except for one chosen medi representative are excluded from the courts for a part of the hearing.

These applications were made under the Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence act 1999, section 17. The judge referred to section 25:1 of the Criminal Procedures Rules & Special Measures and paid particular attention to article 6 of ECHR.

The basics of the matter are that two Asian women have made allegations of serious sexual assault and GBH against their respective husbands, it is worth noting just for the purpose of this article that both the defendants and complainants are Muslims, not that this is in any way a reference to race difference (merely an observation).

I have to say I found the whole procedure very interesting, listening to all of the submissions from counsel for both The Crown and The Defence as well as The Judge’s summing up and amazing understanding of the law and judicial process. Counsel for The Crown stated that there had already been an application for the evidence of these two particularly important Prosecution witnesses to be allowed to give their evidence by way of live video link as opposed to appearing in court in the physical sense, There were no representations or objection to that application on behalf of the defence.

Part 2 of the application was to ask The Court to allow special conditions to be put in place in order that two witnesses can give their evidence in closed court, where press and members of the public can be excluded from the court during such evidence being examined / cross examined. This was a difficult matter for the judge to preside over and to consider because the course of British Justice, particularly in Crown and criminal courts matters are heard publicly with open access to a viewing gallery for the general public, press, students, etc.

Counsel for The Crown submitted that the case could be inhibited if a section 25 order was not made as due to the sheer nature of the allegations (Sexual offences). It was submitted that both females were married at the tender age of 16 years in arranged marriages. It was further submitted that both women were from a very sheltered and somewhat innocent background and thus they had both struggled to make the complaints about their husbands in the first instance. Statements from both complainants stated that they were very fearful of reprisal and repercussions from their communities and families.

Counsel for defence made submissions that as the witnesses were already expected to give their evidence via live video link they would not be able to see who was in the court and need not be told. Counsel argued that the setting of special conditions could prejudice the process of open justice .

Despite the submissions from defence counsel and due consideration of article 6 of The European Convention of Human Rights His Honour decided that the special arrangements application should be granted. Trial dates were set for May and June of this year.

I am in no way a racist, but I am a campaigner for what I believe in and what I feel and it is my submission that this application was made necessary purely due to pressures that were liable to be placed upon the witnesses as they were from Asian / Muslim backgrounds & culture and I am minded to say i feel this is wrong in itself. My reasoning is two fold; firstly NO witness should have to feel intimidated so much that they feel unable to give evidence in open court as this is supposed to be a safe and well policed society and secondly there should not be any society living within the free country of Britain where a particular culture can threaten or intimidate a female so much as to fear for her life and ultimately she may not report a crime / give evidence against another that has harmed her.

I believe the judge was almost placed in a position whereby he could not back out or refuse the making of the order due to religion and racial backgrounds, just my opinion guys.

Thanks for reading


Today we spent a pleasant few hours observing court sentencing proceedings at Preston Crown Court in the case of Bernard Jollly and his co-defendants. They had on two occasions attempted to smuggle a quantity of drugs and two mobile telephones into HMP Garth in Leyland via the accident & emergency department at Chorley by planting the items in tissue boxes in the toilets.

We enjoyed hearing the evidence presented by The Prosecutor in the case and observing his unique style of clearly and concisely presenting the facts without too much hyping up,or embellishing the details.

Four separate counsel acted for their respective defendants and accurately presented submissions to the judge. The entire hearing took a total of approximately 2 and half hours from the outset.All four defendants had pleaded guilty to all three charges, although in the case of the one defendant the prosecution asked the court to lay one charge on file.

Defence counsel for one defendant asked the judge to consider a non-custodial sentence in respect of his client but his submissions were not accepted. His honour took into account the considerable antecedents of the defendants and then chose to sentence 2 men to a total of 49 weeks in custody and one man to 51 weeks in custody in accordance with the guidelines of the sentencing council. Of course they will only serve half of this time actually in custody and in respect of that the offenders will not be subject to licence conditions and supervision by the probation service as the sentences equalled less than one year.

One of the defendants Mr. Cleworth is already serving an 8 year prison sentence at HMP Garth and as a result the judge exercised his powers in accordance with the sentencing guidelines to run his sentence consecutively, which means that when the half way time of his current sentence is reached the new term will begin.

The judge firstly sentenced the three males then took time to explain his reasons to sentence the female defendant separately, explaining that he felt that he agreed with the submissions of a pre-sentence report made by the probation service. His honour took the view that as the female defendant was a first time offender and she has a child a custodial sentence would not be suitable. Defendant Faye Burke was given a prison sentence of 29 weeks suspended for 2 years during which Burke will have to comply with supervision control of the probation service.

In a statement the governor of HMP Garth (Steve Lawrence) said that drugs and mobile phones are very dangerous in prisons as they can be used as currency and in the case of mobile telephones to interfere with witnesses, allow for breaches of security within prisons and indeed lead to the planning for further commission of crime. Mr Lawrence went on to say that “as criminals find new ways to supply these items into the prison system, we will continue to work with our criminal justice partners to catch them at it”.

DC Martin Hulme from Chorley CID was in court, but as this was a sentencing hearing he did not give evidence today. He seemed satisfied with the process and the sentence as a whole.

The Crown court at Preston is a pleasant environment, warm but airy and well lit. All areas of the court are clean and well maintained and the staff are helpful and compliant. There is an excellent and thorough security checking system at the public entrance of the premises where all larger items such as ladies handbags are x-rayed and all persons are searched with a metal detector before being able to enter the courts. If you are interested in the judicial process and are in Preston during weekdays why not take a couple of hours in one of the comfortable public galleries and have a listen?? Courts one and ten often have high court (red) judges sitting at Preston and thus have some quite high profile cases within them. 

Remember when visiting a crown court such as Preston you should turn off your mobile telephone, be quiet and respectful during hearings and always stand when a judge enters. 

Hasta Luego



Hello friends

I am being told by someone I can rely upon that certain folk have been posting silly things about me from the past (2007 & before) on that famous site called “Facebook”, so of course I am very worried (Errrrm not!!).

Why do people have to sensationalise things, especially without knowing any of the facts?? Yes I had a bit of a bad time a few years back and as a result of my ex-partner’s behaviour I “took the rap” so to speak which caused me to get a short time in custody.

During my time in custody I spend time learning and studying to further improve my future and since then I have worked myself into the ground to help & support others including campaigning against ‘miscarriages of justice’ and things like ‘the ipp sentence’, I have the support of quite a lot of folk inside and out but, it seems sadly there are one or two “exceptions to the rule” that desite having pasts of their own just cannot leave things alone!!!

I am just letting my true supporters and loyal friends know that I am going nowhere and I will do my best to help anyone that comes to me with a genuine problem as will my team of honest friends.

I hope that you enjoy my blogs and case studies that I am publishing and thank you for comments, likes, etc

Hasta Luego